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Women’s Health Physio

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Physiotherapy focused on women's health.

We are honoured and humbled to guide women's personal health and wellbeing journey.

Our physiotherapists are passionate about facilitating change in women’s pain symptoms and working with patients to find a solution. Our team is educated and has experience in helping women overcome:

  • Stress urinary incontinence (leaking urine, e.g. when coughing, sneezing or running)
  • Urinary urgency and frequency
  • Overactive bladder
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pregnancy-related pain (e.g. pelvic pain, low back pain, pubic symphysis pain, sacroiliac joint pain)
  • Rectus Abdominis Diastasis  / Abdominal Separation
  • Post-natal Perineal Trauma / Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS)
  • Defecation disorders: Constipation, Faecal incontinence
  • Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation (e.g. Hysterectomy, Prolapse Repair, Laparoscopy)
  • Endometriosis

Your first step to living pain-free.

Our team is ready to share knowledge and guide women’s physiotherapy journey to improve movement, reduce pain and heal.

The Physio Professionals women’s health trained physiotherapists will conduct an assessment, including a thorough medical history and check for pelvic muscle tone, strength and control.

This is vital to ensure you can attain an accurate diagnosis.

Understanding and diagnosing your condition is one of the most important aspects of achieving a successful outcome. 

It ensures we provide the correct education, treatment and exercises for your condition and the appropriate management plan for success.

Your physiotherapist will discuss the treatment options available to manage your symptoms, and also try to address the cause of the condition.

Physio Professionals are committed to women's health and wellbeing.

Meet our Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team.

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Lucy Thomas

Head Of Women's Health - Caloundra
Women's Health Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor dysfunction and Pre/Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy, Pelvic Pain, Prolapse, Incontinence, Internal Examinations

Angela Alford

Physiotherpist - Buderim
Women's Health, Pre & Post Pregnancy, Incontinence, Prolapse

Georgie Hattingh

Interest Areas: Women's Health, Pre & Post Pregnancy, Incontinence, Prolapse. General musculoskeletal, post abdominal surgery (3+ months)