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Weight Loss Sunshine Coast

Starting on Tuesday 8th of October at 8:30am at our Buderim Clinic


Starting Thursday 10th of October at 8:30am at our Caloundra Clinic;

Come and join us for specific fat burning exercises for group or private training!!! Our program is backed by research, and delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist…What more could you need?

Come and enrol in our specific weight loss program with our Exercise Physiologist and get your body ready for summer! It’s all about taking the small steps to create lasting lifestyle and behavioural changes in order to achieve your desired goals!

Our Exercise Physiologists are trained in exercise prescription for specific weight loss goals and will guide you to achieve those goals. We help you stay motivated with your weight loss journey by educating you and adjusting your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals.

Do I enrol in Group training or Private 1:1 training??

Everyone has different weight loss goals, and reasons as to why they are embarking on their new journey. To help you decide, we have highlighted winning factors to help you decide which option is best for you…..


Private Training:

  • This is premium training for people that suffer from a medical condition that requires precise supervision or for people who want to be pushed that little bit more.
  •  This is premium training for people whom are not comfortable in a group setting or a complete beginner / new to exercise.
  • Receive individualised and tailored exercises specific to you and your current abilities, fitness level and weight loss goals!
  • Receive helpful education on nutrition and learn the science behind how your body utilises energy.
  • See results in as little as 4 weeks!
  •  Your weight is monitored weekly by your EP and specific adjustments and coaching is provided.
  •  Initial and Final Assessments included


Group Training:

  • Enjoy the social aspect of group training and become motivated by peers with common goals
  • Gain results as a group and share your success
  • Cost effective training
  • Circuit classes
  • Initial and Final Assessments included



• 10-week course
• 45min class Duration
• Combination of aerobic and strength training in a circuit like form.
• Participants are trained in an individualised HR zone monitored by EP.
• Maximum of 4 participants in each class for maximum results
• Ideal for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.



This option will suit anyone wishing to reduce body fat and improve their muscular strength and overall fitness. Anyone who has a high risk medical condition; a complete beginner to exercise; or someone who is at an intermediate fitness level wanting that extra push!

• 10 week course
• 45min Duration
• Combination of aerobic and strength training in a circuit like form.
• Participants are trained in an individualised HR zone monitored by EP.
• Goal setting
• Mindset, lifestyle and behavioural change
• Exercise guidance for results


How do I start?

All patients are required to have an initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist before beginning any of our classes or one on one training programs. This is to help patients get familiarised with our studio and exercise physiologist,  identify any injuries/restrictions/medications that may be affected during exercise, set your individual goals, assess your starting point and simply get to know you!

Please call our Buderim Clinic 5408-0158 (Start date 8/10/19) or Caloundra Clinic 5438-9111                   (Start date 10/10/19) to enrol! Hurry, there is a maximum capacity of 4 people in the group training class, and limited private training spots available; so call to secure your spot today!!!