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Want Direct Physio Access? We already have it!!

Want Direct Physio Access? We already have it!!


Australians may not realise it, but we are in the privileged position of having great access to great healthcare. Some might argue with this but when compared to the majority of other countries, Australia’s medical care and our access to it is really quite amazing. Physiotherapists in Australia are known as “first contact practitioners”.   What is a “first-contact practitioner?” you ask. Read on to find out more…..


A “first-contact practitioner” refers to the fact that a member of the public can get access to a physiotherapist without first having to see their GP or specialist. Some may not realise that this is not the norm all around the world, with many countries’ systems, including the U.K., requiring a patient to first see a GP to obtain a referral for physiotherapy.   The argument is that this extra step adds a huge burden, in terms of time, resources and finance, to the health-care system, as well as delaying the start of treatment which unfortunately may mean that patient’s can progress from a minor injury/condition to a chronic condition.


Alternatively, in Australia being able to access physiotherapy services such as the services available at Physio Professionals, saves patients time, money, and often results in better outcomes as patients can access the treatment they need without having to wait for a GP appointment.


A recent article on a bbc website outlines the benefits of such a system, arguing that the U.Ks NHS health model would benefit from taking a similar approach.


There are only a few exceptions to the rule. For patient’s claiming their treatment costs under Work Cover or other third party insurances (such as following a motor vehicle accident), a medical certificate/referral to physio is required. Also, patients claiming under Department of Veteran’s Affairs require a medical referral. But for the majority of people simply seeking physiotherapy services (eg. For a sore neck, or lower back pain etc..) no referral is required.


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