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Treatment for Wry Neck

Do you have a stiff or painful Neck that came on suddenly?  You might be suffering from Acute Wry Neck (Torticollis). Find out how Physiotherapy can help with your stiff and painful Neck with hands on treatment and get you moving and turning your head pain free again by freeing your stiff  Muscles and Joints.

What is it?

Wry neck refers to pain and tightness arising from one or more of the apophyseal joints (joints between each vertebral level in the neck), and surrounding muscles.

How does it happen?

Wry neck usually occurs following a sudden movement resulting in sharp pain in the neck.

 How does it feel?

Acute wry neck is experienced as pain felt in the neck, and occasionally in the head and shoulders. This is usually a sharp pain which is made worse by movement. In most situations it will prevent full neck rotation to one side. The pain is usually to one side of the neck. It may also radiate into the head, shoulder or arm.

What should you do?

If you think you have a wry neck you should consult your local physiotherapist for treatment. You should discontinue participating in sport and exercise, and you should avoid activities which aggravate your pain.

How is it managed?

The assistance of a physiotherapist is important in the treatment of acute wry neck. Your physiotherapist will be able to help reduce your pain. This may involve activity modification, the taking of anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy treatment. Initially your physiotherapist can determine what joints and muscles are affected in the neck. The physiotherapist can then perform treatment techniques to restore range of motion to these apophyseal joints, and restore muscle length. When your pain has settled sufficiently your physiotherapist will provide you with a series of stretching and strengthening exercises to restore your neck movement and reduce the chances of your neck pain re-occurring.