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Achilles Tendinopathy and Physiotherapy

What is Achilles Tendinopathy? Achilles tendinopathy is overuse of the Achilles tendon, either at the mid-portion or the lower insertional area. Symptoms are often worse first thing in the morning and ease with activity. It is often a chronic injury as people classically continue with activity or sport because the pain eases with movement. Why do I have it? Poor biomechanics (pronating or flat feet put abnormal loading through the Achilles tendon. Calf weakness Stiffness at the ankle joints Footwear with little/no support Increased loading (increased training frequency or ... Read more

Physio Lucy Thomas- Do you have Pain in Back, leg, hip,knee or foot

Do you have pain in the back, leg, hip, knee or foot? This could be due to poor biomechanics. Over the next 12 weeks our lower limb specialist Lucy Thomas will give you an insight into why you may be getting these injuries, and what physiotherapy can do to help…   What is ‘Biomechanics’? Biomechanics is the study of motion. The study of biomechanics is important in determining what causes injuries and how we can prevent them re-occurring. It is important that we not only treat ... Read more

Biomechanical Lower Limb Injuries

Biomechanical Lower Limb Injuries As winter approaches, summer sports such as tennis and cricket are now making way for rugby, netball, soccer and Aussie rules. As players change their training terrain, footwear and increase the volume and intensity of training, we see an increase in microtraumatic or gradual onset injuries. These include: Low back or Sacro-iliac joint pain Hip pain Knee pain / Patello-femoral joint pain Iliotibial Band Syndrome Shin pain / Compartment Syndrome Achilles tendon irritation Plantarfasciitis / Heel pain   With many of these sports involving impact activities such ... Read more