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Stephen Shepherd- Completes Specialist Treatment Course Headache & Neck Pain

Clinic Update – Stephen Shepherd Headache Treatment Senior physiotherapist at Physio Professionals Stephen Shepherd has completed post graduate studies in specialist treatment of Neck and Headaches. Stephen recently travelled to Sydney and completed the Watson Headache Approach Course. Which is an evidence based research techniques for treating neck and headache patients. Download Our E-Book For […]

Tension Headaches – Michelle Crew Physiotherapist Caloundra

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Tension Headaches- Michelle Crew Physiotherapist Tension or muscle contraction headaches are often associated from stress and tension with bilateral muscular tightness around the neck and shoulders. Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches that people experience. A disorder of the neck joints or the muscles that connect to the base of your scull (Occiput) may […]