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Physio Professionals have experienced physiotherapists who specialise in treating patients with Osteoarthritis. We have several solutions and options for all patients which include:

One-on-one Physio Appointments:

•  Are goal being to do a thorough assessment, full medical history, find out exactly what your current function is, goals you would like to achieve, review or send you for updated radiology scans, set up a treatment plan to work together to achieve your goals.
• One-on-one physio treatments also includes hands-on assessment and treatment, exercise prescription that helps (not aggravates your joint(s)).


Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Strengthening Program:

• Join liked minded patients in a small group class run by physiotherapist which all exercises are specially targeted to the individual and for hip / knee OA
• Perfect for patients who would like to prepare for surgery or prolong surgery and improve function for a better quality of life.
• Classes are based on great research from GLAD (good living with arthritis from Denmark).
• To join this class, you first have a one-on-one assessment in rooms with physiotherapist to measure current function and limitations, full medical history, set your individual goals and treatment plan so the strengthening exercises are started at the level you can achieve and improve.
• Classes are run 2 x per week
• Please refer to our brochure and ask our team for more detailed information.




• Studies shows that water-based (hydrotherapy) and traditional gym exercise programs can increase muscle strength and help people with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip walk faster and longer, which may reduce the risk of falls and disability.
• Hydrotherapy takes the weight bearing load off joint therefore exercise is more achievable with less joint discomfort.
• Great for patients who aim to lose weight and added pressure on joints, are currently limited with land-based exercise as pain in the joint stops them from even feeling a exercise benefit. As the water take our weight bearing load off the joints, we can achieve great results without placing any increased pressure on the joints.
• What’s involved:
o Initial assessment – to measure current function and limitations, full medical history, set your individual goals and treatment plan so the strengthening exercises are started at the level you can achieve and improve.
o Physiotherapist hops in the water with you tailoring the class
o Used pre and post surgery and for those who wish to prolong the need for surgery
o Current we run classes from Buderim Hydrotherapy pool and Aura Hydrotherapy pool on Tuesdays and Thursday every week.
o Please ask our team for more information.


Pilates Functional Exercise Classes:

• Pilates exercise is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and streamline your body without placing stress on your joints.
• Performed on specialized pilates equipment including but not limited to pilates reformer, fitball, mat work exercises, combo chair, pilates is a fitness regime for life.
• The perfect complement to sport, cardiovascular exercise, rehabilitation exercise that will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with ease.
• Initial pilates assessment is performed on all our patients prior to joining one of our small group classes which are run by our qualified physiotherapists to find out your current medical history, starting function and limitations so we can work together to establish a treatment plan to target the individual needs and goals.
• Currently we have classes running out of all 3 clinics Caloundra Kawana and Buderim, all run for 45mins, instructed by qualified physiotherapist with a max of 4 patients pre class.
• Please ask our team for more information, and class availability.


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