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Stephen Shepherd- Completes Specialist Treatment Course Headache & Neck Pain

Clinic Update – Stephen Shepherd Headache Treatment

Senior physiotherapist at Physio Professionals Stephen Shepherd has completed post graduate studies in specialist treatment of Neck and Headaches.

Stephen recently travelled to Sydney and completed the Watson Headache Approach Course. Which is an evidence based research techniques for treating neck and headache patients.

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The Watson Headache Approach:

• aims to identify relevancy of afferent information from the C1-3 spinal nerves to headache and migraine conditions, and also other symptoms potentially arising from the upper 3 cervical afferents, for example dizziness or vertigo, cyclic vomiting, idiopathic eye pain etc
• comprises a series of techniques, which, when applied in a systematic way, accurately identifies the upper cervical spinal segments responsible for symptoms of headache or migraine
• Confirms relevancy when reproduction of symptoms, most commonly head pain, occurs, and then, as the examination technique is sustained, head pain resolves
• With its unique, fundamental and powerful feature i.e., ‘reproduction and resolution’ of typical head pain in migraineurs was the subject of recent research which demonstrated DE-sensitization of sensitized brainstems. Note: the underlying disorder in headache and migraine is a ‘sensitized brainstem’
• Uses the same assessment techniques within unprecedented clinical reasoning to treat and restore function to the involved segments
• Is recognized internationally, now practiced and taught in over 25 countries, for its unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and is unequalled in manual therapy approaches for headache and migraine conditions.

[img_testimonial img=”” author=”Stephen Shepherd – Physiotherapist”]Stephen Shepherd – Physiotherapist[/img_testimonial]
Bachelor of Health Science – Physiotherapy
Stephen graduated from the University of Queensland, in 2006, and since this time has gained experience working in all areas of private healthcare.
Over the last 8 years he has worked in both the Private Practice and the hospital setting. Stephen has experience treating a wide spectrum of people from the high-level and competitive sportsperson, to children, the elderly and your everyday person.
Stephen excels in being able to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual requirement in order to get the best results by drawing on his knowledge and experience as a clinician.
Stephen specialises in the treatment of Headaches/ Neck Pain, Pelvis and lower limb (Hip, Knee and Ankle injuries) he has also had extensive experience in Orthopaedic rehabilitation.
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