Preventing Running Injuries Seminar

Presented by –  Physio Professionals – Ryan West Physiotherapist
Hosted by – Jamie Milne Training

When Thursday 22nd march 6.30pm
Jamie Milne Training
2/7 Premier Circuit
Warana, 4575

How to book.

1. Call 5438 9111 and add your name to the list.
2. Book online at our event brite at the bottom of this page.

What You will learn

1.  Why you have a 70% chance of being injured in the next 12 months
2. The most common running injuries and what to look out for
3. How to avoid overuse running injuries
4. The top 3 tips you must start doing today to avoid an injury.


About Running Injuries

Running has one of the largest participation rates in Australia. Recent Statistics from an Australian Sports Commission’s survey showed an estimated 1,224,100 Australians aged 15 years and older participated in running . Running is a popular fitness activity, however running can cause injuries.

Join our Physiotherapist Ryan West for a 45 minute presentation on why 70% of all runners are vulnerable to an overuse injury in the next 12 months and don’t even know it. What are the top 5 running injuries and how to avoid them. The 3 most important things you must be doing to avoid overuse running injuries.


The Causes And Types Of Injuries

How many injuries?

  • Up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12-month period.

The causes and types of injuries

  • 42% of all running injuries are to the knee, followed by 17% to the foot/ankle, 13% to the lower leg and 11% to the hip/pelvis.
  • Overuse injuries can occur from training errors (running frequency, duration, distance, speed and lack of leg strength and flexibility) and inappropriate surfaces, terrain and footwear.
  • Overuse injuries, as a result of training errors, are more common than acute injuries such as ligament and muscle sprains and strains.
  • The most common overuse injuries are patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee), iliotibial band friction syndrome, plantar fasciitis, meniscal injuries, tibial stress syndrome and patellar tendinopathy.

What does this mean?

Frustration and prolonged time for runners to be away from what they love doing. The average time of not being able to train or compete is greater than 8 weeks with an overuse running injury.

Most of them can be avoided

Come and learn the secrets that elite runners use to avoid injuries. They actually run more than you and generally have  less injuries.

How to book.

  • Call 5438 9111 and add your name to the list.
  • book online at our event brite page below.