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Register For Your FREE Telehealth Physio Consult

Telehealth Physio Consults Are Here

Get online and get healthier.

Telehealth video consultations are available from our physiotherapists and are delivered online to you in the comfort and safety of your own home.

It’s simple and easy to use and is a very effective way to keep your rehab and treatment moving forward.

Change sometimes is not easy, we can all appreciate that.

Face to Face consultations will always be here, however it’s time to embrace an alternative way of receiving your healthcare so you can keep improving your health or keep your recovery progressing forward.

Your consultation is conducted virtually, then we can prescribe your exercises that are in video form and view them at any time from your device in the PhysiApp, the program also enables us to message and chat with each other after your consult via the secure messaging features.

This is a huge benifit as you can give real time updates on how you are feeling and progressing with your exercises instead of waiting to report that when you see us next time.

We use Phyitrack and the PhysiApp to stream your consultation, it’s just like using Facetime or Skype.


Why Telehealth ?

Often patients may be unable to attend the clinic due to illness or injury, or may be concerned about attending the clinic during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally it is great alternative for those who may find it difficult to attend due to living in rural areas or have very busy work or family lives.

Does TeleHealth work?

Research shows that TeleHealth can help patients achieve positive results. We can guide you through a specific rehabilitation program and more importantly give you the information and the skills you need to feel in control and confident to manage your condition in the long term. In some cases there will be limit to what we can achieve through TeleHealth and in these cases your Physio will discuss alternative management approaches with you.

Before Your Telehealth Consultation

It’s an easy process to setup. We will send you a welcome email to guide you through the process. Then we will run a test call with you to ensure it works prior to your online consultation.


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