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Pregnancy, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

Pregnancy brings about a tremendous change in muscles, ligaments, and joints during and after pregnancy.
Our Physiotherapists help women manage these changes, providing expert care and advice during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


Pre-Natal Physiotherapy

Growing a baby means that life becomes busy, exciting, overwhelming and constantly changing.

Physiotherapy can be a valuable part of this process and help you to maximise your physical state during pregnancy.


Physiotherapy can help with:


Treatment for muscular aches and joint pains such as:

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Low Back pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain / Sacroiliac Joint pain

Hand conditions (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis)


Advice on safe, appropriate exercise during pregnancy

Strengthening exercise

Cardiovascular exercise

Impact exercise


Provision of appropriate strengthening for the pelvic floor

Valuable instruction and practice of pelvic floor muscle activation


Education on areas such as:

Bowel habits

Perineal massage

Post-natal recovery

Abdominal separation


Find out about our 6 Week Pregnancy & Pelvic Floor. Click for details.



Post-Natal Physiotherapy

The post-natal journey is overwhelming, exhausting and emotionally charged!

We believe that post-partum care for the mother is just as important as it is for the baby.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in:

Restoring pelvic floor muscle strength and function

Prevention of pelvic organ prolapse

Prevention of incontinence

Helping with rehabilitation of perineal trauma

Internal vaginal assessment and provision of appropriate exercises or strategies to restore normal pelvic muscle tone and strength

Safe and appropriate return to exercise


Abdominal Rehabilitation

C-section scar massage and abdominal mobility

Rehabilitation for Abdominal Separation

Safe return to exercise


Management of muscular aches and joint pains which may be due to:

Postural adaptations from feeding or rocking your baby

Pain following a traumatic birth or long labour

Pain sustained during pregnancy


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Lucy Thomas – PhysiotherapistLucy Thomas - Physiotherapist

B.Sc.Physiotherapy (Hons)

Lucy graduated from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2009 and specialised in private musculoskeletal physiotherapy immediately. She has extensive experience in treating a range of injuries including sports, work-related, post-surgery and chronic degenerative conditions. She has been part of the medical team at the London Marathon, international athletics competitions and national university athletics championships.

Lucy has also worked closely with GPs in the UK, providing musculoskeletal based education and training as part of their professional development programmes.

Lucy emigrated to Australia in 2015 and has worked with Physio Professionals since. Since having her two daughters she has developed an interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and is passionate about helping women throughout the life span with all pelvic dysfunctions. She has a special interest in Chronic Pelvic Pain conditions.

Lucy developed an interest in physiotherapy through being an athlete and suffering numerous injuries herself. She has represented England in Athletics and was British Universities steeplechase champion. These days, Lucy competes in local triathlons and loves the Sunshine Coast outdoor lifestyle.

Lucy’s interest areas are: Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Pelvic Pain conditions, Pelvic Floor dysfunction and Pre/Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy.

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Roxanne-Lee Van Rensburg – PhysiotherapistRoxanne-Lee Van Rensburg- Physiotherapist


Roxanne first gained an appreciation for physiotherapy as a young gymnast often requiring rehabilitation for her sporting injuries. Roxanne graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and has a keen interest in Pilates, Women’s Health and Lymphoedema.

Roxanne has a passion for providing holistic health care to all her patients. She values rehabilitating musculoskeletal patients across the lifespan, and believes in a rehabilitation program consisting of both a hands-on approach combined with a self-driven exercise program to achieve the best results.

Roxanne has gained postgraduate training in Women’s Health through Women’s Health Training Associates (Sydney). She can assist with a variety of Women’s Health concerns, including incontinence, ante and post natal issues, bladder disorders and prolapse.

Since attending the Maquarie University ALERT program (Sydney), Roxanne has gained further qualification as a Lymphoedema Therapist. She can treat upper limb, lower limb, breast and trunk lymphoedema, provide garment prescription, and education on managing lymphoedema.

Roxanne’s interest areas include Women’s Health, Pelvic Floor conditions, Lymphoedema, Pilates, musculoskeletal conditions.

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Emily Parker – PhysiotherapistEmily Parker - Physiotherapist


BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)
Emily graduated from King’s College London (UK) in 2014, and recently emigrated to Australia from London. She started her career working in the UK public health care system before moving into private practice.  She has experience in treating a diverse population, including pre- and post-operative, sporting, acute and chronic conditions, and takes a patient-orientated and individualised approach to achieve goals and prevent reinjury. She has a special interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and is passionate about improving quality of life for women throughout their lifespan.
When Emily isn’t working, she is a keen yogi and swimmer and has completed two ski seasons in Japan. However, she has now swapped snow for sand and is currently getting stuck into the outdoor lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast, learning how to surf.
Emily‘s interest areas include pre/ post pregnancy physiotherapy, pelvic health, Pilates, lower limb injuries, as well as general musculoskeletal conditions.
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Samantha Johnson- PhysiotherapistSamantha Johnson - Physiotherapist
B. Exercise Science & Masters of Physiotherapy

Samantha grew up on the Sunshine Coast and graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters of Physiotherapy.

Outside of work Samantha enjoys surfing, touch football and has previously competed at an international level in Athletics. Samantha’s interest areas include musculoskeletal and general physiotherapy with a developing interest in women’s health.

Samantha’s interest areas include General & Musculoskeletal conditions, Women’s Health.

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