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Telehealth Physio

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Telehealth and Online Physio Consults.

Telehealth video consultations are available from our physiotherapists and delivered to you online in the comfort and safety of your own home.

These physio consults are simple and easy to use and a very effective way to keep your rehab and treatment moving forward.

We use Phyitrack and PhysiApp to stream the consultation for video consultations and to provide you with home exercise programs.

Why Telehealth?

Often, patients may be unable to attend the clinic due to illness or injury or may be concerned about attending the clinic during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is also a great alternative for those living in rural areas or having work or family commitments.

What you will need for your online consultation.

Your Telehealrth consult can be streamed on any Apple or Android device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers, but there are steps you must take prior to the consultation.

You will need a working internet connection and the PhysiApp installed onto the device you want to use. If you are a new client to the clinic, please wait for your unique login code on the PhysiApp. 

Ensure you have a reasonable space around you should your physiotherapist need you to perform some movement tests, and also some privacy in case you are concerned about relaying personal information. Please wear clothing appropriate for the physio to view the affected area’s motion and function.

Prepayment is required for all Initial Telehealth consultations. This includes all new clients to our clinic and previous clients who may have a new injury or have not been in the clinic for more than 6 months. 

Payment can be made via our website using our secure online Stripe payment platform or by calling our reception at 5438 911.

Physio Professionals are committed to your health and wellbeing.

We will give you the best possible treatment for the best possible outcome.