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Physiotherapy and ObesityObesity-help

On a whole the percentage of Australians suffering from Obesity is rising faster than anywhere else in the world.
According to a recent global study published almost a quarter of the country’s children and a whopping 63 per cent of the adult population is overweight or obese.
Being overweight or obese is not just having its cause and effect at an aesthetic level, it poses numerous physical effects and serious health consequences obesity is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers and Osteoarthritis. Keeping On the Move.

Osteoarthritis and Physiotherapy

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting 1.9 million Australians and costing the health system $3.75 billion a year, of which $2 billion is due to joint replacements. Osteoarthritis is not just part of ageing due to wear and tear, did you know that 58% of people inflicted with this disease are of working age. O.A particularly of the knee is one of the leading reasons for disability and early retirement here in Australia, and it is expected to have a far greater reaching effect as we as a nation continue to get heavier. It is thought that the number of knee joint replacements could be reduced by avoiding excess weight gain and knee joint injuries.

While the causes of obesity are multi factorial, poor diet, decreased activity and sedentary lifestyles are key to the imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. In order to have effective weight control one needs to attack both sides of the scales it has been proven that tilting this balance to ideal intake and more energy expenditure one can control weight.



Current guidelines for recommended movement requirements

Firstly even if you are not doing the required amount any amount is beneficial you can always increase as you go, as a mature adult it is felt that you should move regularly throughout the week rather then just once or twice a week. Try to accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity a week for example going for brisk walk, or 75 minutes vigorous activity or combination of both. When trying to lose weight or for additional health benefits accumulate twice as much physical activity 300 minutes moderate and 150 minutes of vigorous activity.

It is recommended that two days of the week should consist of strengthening activities. And finally keep moving limit the amount of time spent sitting if you are required to sit for long periods of time at work try to break these up with regular periods were you get away from your desk. Our bodies don’t like to be stationary and neither do our minds. Keeping an active body is crucial if you want an active mind, just like muscles if we sit around doing nothing our brain also gets flabby. Regular exercise can improve your brain’s memory, reasoning abilities and reaction times.

As physiotherapists how can we help?

Physio Professionals; can play a role at several levels from working with individuals one to one as well as working with you in larger group, or more smaller interment group environments . We are well trained and positioned to identify barriers to efficient movement. Our physiotherapists then work with you, to overcome potential limitations and mould positive physical activity behaviours to get you regularly moving.
In room assessment gives the therapist the opportunity to address a patient’s physical limitations and council any psychological barriers.
As a profession we are well trained to coach you through your injury being able to identify poor movement, provide manual therapy, give suitable rehabilitation exercises and advice regards to modifying certain activities and finally advise return to movement at a suitable time and level of intensity.









When overweight or obese potentially effected by the effects of OA one of the least pleasurable things to do is physical activity, by limiting the effects of joint compression and providing a relaxed gentle form of exercises our Hydrotherapy Classes are Ideal for those who are seeking some form of exercise to help overcome the crippling effects of joint pain.
Studio or Equipment Pilates is an excellent way to undertake strengthening/resisted exercises at the same time there is the added benefit of working on balance, lengthening shortened muscles, and addressing the activation of your deep stability muscles at the same time. Under close guidance of our experienced staff our patients under take specifically directed exercises on several different pieces of pilates equipment. Exercises are based at a level that the patient is able to achieve efficient movement patterns and remain comfortable.
As physiotherapists we are well placed to assist you in preventing or helping you to overcome the effects of the current epidemic which has not only you but our whole nation in its grasp.
If you are experiencing obesity related pain , or any other injury causing pain which is preventing you from moving freely , it is best to consult your physiotherapist so as you can get back on the move as soon as possible. Physiotherapists are specially trained to diagnose, treat and help prevent musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions.  You do not require a doctor’s note to have a consultation with a physiotherapist.

If you’re looking for help with weight-loss, treatment for arthritis and other associated symptoms, please call the clinic on (07) 5438 9111 and we can offer you solutions, not services