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After years of practicing Physiotherapy and treating many people with Headaches and Migraines, I’m truly aware how many patients lives are deeply impacted by the debilitating effects of regularly occurring headaches and migraines.

It is estimated globally 50 -75% adults 18-65 yrs have had headache in the last year, 30% of those report migrainous headache.

I’m sure that if you are reading this page you too have exhausted the many different treatments available to treat your pain, headaches and migraines and often without success.


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You have probably tried a number of the following, massage, acupuncture, meditation, conventional physiotherapy, swallowed dozens of vitamins and consumed countless numbers of different cocktails of drugs.

I have recently completed level 2 In the Watson Headache Approach with Dean Watson making me one of the most Qualified practitioners using this migraine and headache treatment on the Sunshine Coast.


Over 80% of all people who receive treatment have reported decreased intensity and less frequency of migraines and headache leading them to a much more normal lifestyle with a significant decreased dependence on medications.
With this approach we are able to treat a large cross section of headache and migraine sufferers, over years of clinical practice it has proven to be effective in the treatment of

• Cervicogenic Headache

• Migraines
• Tension Type Headache
• Menstrual Headache
• Cluster or Suicidal Headache

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