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  1. We Help identify what is causing your Headache, Migraine or Neck Pain.
  2. We then treat what is causing the pain and problem.
  3. You get the result and relief that you are after.

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Our 3 Step Headache Process.

We use a 3 step process for a great outcome for headache and migraine sufferers.

1. Headache Assessment.
2. Headache Treatment.
3. Your result & Outcome.

The Types of Headaches We Treat.

Cervicogenic Headache


Tension Type Headache

Menstrual Headache / Hormonal

Cluster Headache

After years of practicing Physiotherapy and treating many people with Headaches and Migraines, I’m truly aware how many patients lives are deeply impacted by the debilitating effects of regularly occurring headaches and migraines.

It is estimated globally 50 -75% adults 18-65 yrs have had headache in the last year, 30% of
those report migrainous headache.

I’m sure that if you are reading this page you too have exhausted the many different treatments available to treat your pain, headaches and migraines and often without success.

You have probably tried a number of the following, massage, acupuncture, meditation, conventional physiotherapy, swallowed dozens of vitamins and consumed countless numbers of different cocktails of drugs.

I have completed level 2 In the Watson Headache Approach with Dean Watson making me one of the most Qualified practitioners using this migraine and headache treatment on the Sunshine Coast.

Over 80% of all people who receive treatment have reported decreased intensity and less frequency of migraines and headache leading them to a much more normal lifestyle with a significant decreased dependence on medications.

With this approach we are able to treat a large cross section of headache and migraine sufferers, over years of clinical practice it has proven to be effective in the treatment of
• Cervicogenic Headache
• Migraines
• Tension Type Headache
• Menstrual Headache
• Cluster or Suicidal Headache

We know through validated research many headaches and migraines are caused from a dysfunction of the upper three joints of the neck and this can contribute to a sensitized or overactive brainstem that triggers headaches or migraine symptoms in many sufferers and is widely recognized as a key underlying neurophysiological issue in migraine and other headache conditions. 

Having a skilled examination can demonstrate beyond doubt that your neck is the reason for your headache or migraine.

Using specific assessment of the neck joints and using specific hands on treatment in a systemised way has been shown to reduce, if not end, the symptoms of headaches or migraines within 4 to 5 sessions in the vast majority of patients even if their headache has been around for 20 years.

The Origin Of Your Headache

Get a neck assessment to discover where your headache or migraine is coming from – After years of numerous tests and guesswork, the relief of knowing where your headache or migraine is coming from is immense, and potentially life-changing. This is unmistakeable during this convincing, scientifically validated, initial examination.

A Medication Free Approach

Improvement can be expected within a short amount of time for many patients– With this medication-free approach, improvement is expected within 4-5 treatments. Over 80 percent of clients report 80 percent improvement or more, even if their headache or migraine has plagued them for 20 years!

Long Term Success

Long term improvement without the need for ongoing treatment or medication – Whilst we cannot guarantee successful outcomes for everyone, we know that the vast majority experience significant reduction, if not totally resolved, in their recurring headache or migraine long term.

The Watson Headache Approach:

• Aims to identify relevancy of afferent information from the C1-3 spinal nerves to headache and migraine conditions, and also other symptoms potentially arising from the upper 3 cervical afferents, for example dizziness or vertigo, cyclic vomiting, idiopathic eye pain etc.
• Comprises a series of techniques, which, when applied in a systematic way, accurately identifies the upper cervical spinal segments responsible for symptoms of headache or migraine
• Confirms relevancy when reproduction of symptoms, most commonly head pain, occurs, and then, as the examination technique is sustained, head pain resolves
• With its unique, fundamental and powerful feature i.e., ‘reproduction and resolution’ of typical head pain in migraineurs was the subject of recent research which demonstrated DE-sensitization of sensitized brainstems. Note: the underlying disorder in headache and migraine is a ‘sensitized brainstem’
• Uses the same assessment techniques within unprecedented clinical reasoning to treat and restore function to the involved segments
• Is recognized internationally, now practiced and taught in over 25 countries, for its unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and is unequaled in manual therapy approaches for headache and migraine conditions

Let’s Work Together & Get Rid Of Your Headaches.

Rob and Stephen are trained in the Watson Headache Approach and are on standby waiting to help you with your Headaches & Migraines. Start treatment today so you can be symptom free.

Rob Tucker – PhysiotherapistRob Tucker - Physiotherapist

B. Sc. Physiotherapy

Rob has extensive private practice experience and results from his 25 year career. Working alongside multi-disciplinary teams in private practice and hospital settings Rob has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to help patients return to their physical best.

Experienced and passionate Rob has developed particular interest in Orthopaedic rehabilitation sporting injuries, treating all spinal conditions and Headaches.

Outside of work Rob enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Rob interest areas are Orthopaedic rehabilitation sporting injuries, treating all spinal conditions and Headaches.

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Stephen Shepherd – PhysiotherapistStephen Shepherd - Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Health Science – Physiotherapy
Stephen graduated from the University of Queensland, in 2006, and since this time has gained experience working in all areas of private healthcare.

Stephen has completed post graduate studies in the treatment of Headaches and Neck pain  under the guidance of the renowned Dr Dean Watson Headache Institute.

Stephen excels in being able to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual requirement in order to get the best results by drawing on his knowledge and experience as a clinician.

Stephen specialises in Headaches / Neck Pain, the Pelvis and lower limb (Hip, Knee and Ankle injuries) he has also had extensive experience in Orthopaedic rehabilitation.

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