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  1. We Help identify what is causing your Headache, Migraine or Neck Pain.
  2. We then treat what is causing the pain and problem.
  3. You get the result and relief that you are after.


Our 3 Step Headache Process.

We use a 3 step process for a great outcome for headache and migraine sufferers.

1. Headache Assessment.
2. Headache Treatment.
3. Your result & Outcome.

The Types of Headaches We Treat.

Cervicogenic Headache


Tension Type Headache

Menstrual Headache / Hormonal

Cluster Headache


Having a skilled examination can demonstrate beyond doubt that your neck is the reason for your headache or migraine.

Using specific assessment of the neck joints and using specific hands on treatment in a systemised way has been shown to reduce, if not end, the symptoms of headaches or migraines within 4 to 5 sessions in the vast majority of patients.


How to make an appointment to get rid of your Headache

Simply Call 5314 1150 today and make an appointment.

Anton Levy – PhysiotherapistAnton Levy - Physiotherapist

Anton is our resident kiwi Physiotherapist. He studied at the University of Otago in New Zealand, graduating in 2015.  He has since worked within a variety of different private practice clinics and with various sporting team acquiring an array of skills.

Anton enjoys treating all musculoskeletal injuries areas from necks and lower backs to hips and ankles.  However key interest areas for Anton are pre and post orthopaedic rehabilitation, strength, and conditioning, running related injuries, cervicogenic headaches and vestibular rehab.

Interest Areas Headaches & Neck Pain, Vestibular, Lower Back & Lower Limb Injuries, Running Injuries

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Masters of Physiotherapy

Gabriela graduated from the University of Queensland Masters of Physio Program.

Over the last 15 years, Gabriela has helped a wide range of patients suffering from a variety of

conditions. A seasoned Physiotherapist with a proven track record in working within Hospitals, private practice and community rehabilitation. Gabriela is passionate about helping patients embark upon their wellness journey.

Gabriela’s interest areas include Headaches, Neck Pain, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Lymphatic Massage, Pre & Post Natal, Incontinence, Shoulders & Pilates

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How to make an appointment to get rid of your Headache

Simply Call 5314 1150 today and make an appointment.