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Musculoskeletal Screening Physio Professionals

Musculoskeletal screening at Physio Professionals Caloundra and Kawana entails a series of physical assessments to determine the health and function of joints, nerves, muscles and other connective tissues and is part of our sports physio solutions.
hip range of movement
The screen is performed by physiotherapists and is widely used in medical and sporting fields to help determine the athletes current  health and injury state of its athletes and also used to identify areas that can improved for athletic advancement.
Organisations such as the Australian Institute of Sport, Queensland Academy of Sport ,Professional football teams and amateur athletes use the screening process for two main areas.

Why do you need a musculoskeletal screen?

Benefits of Musculoskeletal Screen

1. Injury Prevention                       2. Performance Enhancement

The purpose of musculoskeletal screening for athletes prior to participation in sport is an attempt to identify possible risk factors for specific athletes, participating in specific sports, highlighting risk factors for specific injuries.
The Ultimate aim of the risk identification is to include appropriate preventative strategies for individuals or sporting populations at risk for a specific injury in order to decrease the occurrence of injury.

Injury Preventionmusculoskeletal screen

  • Highlight any predisposing factors that may lead to injury.
  • Reveal risk factors to injury so that personalised interventions can be used to rectify any musculoskeletal problem areas and hence reduce the likelihood of future injury.
  • Pre-screen athletes before events to ensure they are fit and injury-free for competition.
  • Assess any current injuries.
  • Assess any deficit resulting from previous injuries.
  • Assess any musculoskeletal factors that may impact on performance.
  • Give individual injury prevention programmes based on results.

After having screen you will understand why you are getting that shin pain, or hip and knee pain for example.

Sports Performance.

For anyone undertaking a training regime the most important aspect of the training program is to identify areas that are weak or are out of balance and work on them for improved performance. This area is often overlooked however it leads to the easiest performance gains.

It does not matter what sport you play and that could include swimming, running, triathlon, netball, cycling, soccer or any of the football codes for that matter an athletes requirements for range of movement, muscular strength and endurance differ greatly to the needs of that of the general public.

Each sport is unique and the Musculoskeletal screen used will vary from sport to sport and the screen must be specific to the athletes sport.

After we perform a Musculoskeletal screen a formulated plan is put in place to address all aspects that are identified during the screening process. This will include muscular imbalances or tightness that are inhibiting performance.



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