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How We Manage Back Pain

How We Manage Your Back Pain

Around 65% of people will at some point experience Low Back Pain (LBP) in their lifetime. Symptoms can range from a dull ache to excruciating and debilitating pain that can wake you up at night, stop you from participating in daily activities, working, doing household chores or your favourite hobbies.

Here are what we believe to be the 5 Phases for a great outcome in managing & treating Back Pain.

Phase 1. – Identifying the cause of your pain. 

Identifying and correctly assessing the cause of your back pain is a key ingredient in prescribing the appropriate treatment plan for a successful outcome.

PHASE 2 – Pain Relief & Protection 

Inflammation is one of the main short-term reasons why you have suddenly felt pain. We use an array of treatment tools to reduce your pain and inflammation. These can include: hands on massage and soft tissue techniques, ice, electrotherapy, acupuncture and taping techniques.

PHASE 3Restoring Normal Back Range of Movement & Strength.

As your pain and inflammation settles, we will turn our attention to restoring your normal joint alignment and back range of motion, muscle strength and endurance. Generally, we like to commence you on a lower abdominal and core stability program to facilitate your control and help stabilise your spine. Researchers have shown this also helps to reduce pain.

An assessment of your muscle recruitment pattern is important so the best exercises for your specific needs can be prescribed. We may also recommend a stretching program to address your tight or shortened muscles alongside our hands-on treatment techniques to help with this.

PHASE 4Restoring Your Full Function.

We then focus on restoring your normal pelvic and spine alignment and its full range of motion during more stressful body positions, postures and demands by progressing to your outer core and leg muscle groups.

Our treatment plans are based on your own functional goals as everyone has different demands for their body and treatment goals that they want to achieve. For some it may be simply to walk around the block. Others may wish to run a marathon or return to work. This will determine the level of rehab that will take place.

PHASE 5Preventing a Recurrence of Back Pain.

One of the main reasons back pain may come back is due to insufficient rehabilitation or compliance of ongoing maintenance. Poor compliance with prescribed exercises is generally one of the main factors. You should continue a version of these exercises routinely a few times per week.

General exercise is a vital component to successfully preventing a recurrence. Just like your car, your body also needs and benefits from regular tune ups to keep it running at its best. Love your back and it will love you back, and that’s where we can help guide you