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Keep Your Body Moving This “Movember”


The best way to ensure Physical and mental health is to be active. “Research says that if you have prostate cancer, you can actually extend your life expectancy by up to 60% by exercising.

Ways to get moving, little moves can make a big difference when it comes to your body and mind’s health.


Get moving one day at a time (one for each day of the week as seen on APA facebook)


  1. Going out for lunch? Cut the lunch short and finish the chat while walking
  2. Haven’t been to the gym for a while? Get rid of that guilt and aim for 1 session this week.
  3. Start up a canine clan- ring up your dog walking friends and make it a weekly event
  4. Go explore somewhere new this weekend
  5. Try some skipping
  6. Go for a bike ride
  7. Feeling tense? Try a boxing session

Have you been moved to take control of your health? Its never too late to move.

Did you know that 62% of Australian adults don’t meet the recommended daily level of activity?




 Here’s some more ways you can increase your daily level of activity

  1. Skip the dryer! Hang out the washing and let nature dry your delicates!
  2. At 6 o’clock its no longer dark, go outside and take your kids to the park
  3. Talk to your boss about getting standing desks
  4. Do 30 walking lunges at lunch time
  5. Inspired by the runners in the Melbourne Marathon? Try going for a run, see how long you can go for!
  6. Saturday sport is not just for your kids- instead of watching in your car or on the sidelines, make this time your exercise time also
  7. Play some social tennis