I just wanted to touch base and check in with you in see how your treatment is progressing.


By now your pain should be starting to decrease and you will be getting benefit from the initial treatment plan. That is one of the areas and initial goals we like to achieve as quickly as possible so we can get on with the real job of fixing the real cause of your symptoms and pain.

More than 75% of all injuries and conditions we See and Treat is caused by muscular imbalances. Between Postural and Phasic Muscles. click here to see the difference and see why strengthening exercises are the key to a successful outcome.

We want you to be pain free, however what we really want you to do is fix the problem so it has less chance of recurrence. This is what is what we call success.



What happens Now?

That’s a great question. We know that poor compliance of exercise the program from the patient and stopping treatment because pain decreased leads to a 50% chance of recurrence of your symptoms in the next 30 days. We know you will get frustrated and so will we. Let’s work together and fix the problem the first time.


What are the most common Mistakes made with treatment?

  • Stopping treatment as just because your pain has decreased.
  • Poor communication with your treating physiotherapist – we encourage our patients to be open with explaining their injury/pain/frustrations as we can help you more, modify treatment with the communication you give us.

It takes 6 weeks to strengthen a muscle

Research shows that it will take a minimum of 6 weeks to strengthen a muscle. Please keep this in mind as many of our patients may have had their problem for month’s even years therefore fixing the problem can take time.

Pilates 1

My pain has decreased …… Does that mean hands on treatment is finished?

Of course not, we know that hands on treatment not only feels good it also hastens recovery and needs to be used in conjunction with your exercise program so that you get the best result for you.

Hands on back

What about preventative treatment, can I do that?

Yes, in fact for the best result and lasting effect our most successful patients use this method. It like servicing your car, if you service it regularly and change the tyres you will have less chance of a breakdown. The same can be said about your body. Look after it and it will look after you.


We look forward in taking you to your next level of health and fitness.