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Do you hate your posture?

Pilates can improve ANY posture! Pilates exercises employ a gentle core contraction as the base for all other patterns of movement. Pilates involves finding and maintaining the most optimal posture whilst moving in a way that improves muscle timing, strength and movement sequencing. Over time and practice participants of Pilates begin to move/ sit/ work in ideal postures with optimal muscle recruitment. This can reduce pain and discomfort but also improve general tone and well-being of the entire body

Try this simple Pilates exercise:

Pilates Leg liftLeg Lift

  1. Lying on back with feet bent up and placed on the ground
  2. Brace core: Gently pull your belly button down towards your spine. Ensure the contraction is only a 20% effort and make sure your back doesn’t flatten onto the floor.
  3. Slowly and gently ‘float’ one leg up so the thigh is vertical and the lower leg is horizontal (as pictured).
  4. Hold 3sec. Slowly lower the foot back to the original position.
  5. Try 10-15x each leg, 2x per day


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