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Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people suffering from headaches and migraines coming to see me for help.

Headaches and Migraines can be debilitating for those that suffer from them.

If you’re suffering from headaches, you’re in pain, you can’t concentrate, you’re missing out on what you love doing, and it just plain effects your life. Perhaps you can or one of your loved ones can relate.

As I have completed specialist training in headache treatment I have designed the “3 Step expert headache relief session”.

It’s so rewarding seeing people make a shift and get pain free and reclaim their lives.

In this expert 30-minute session you will;

  1. Finally discover what is causing your headaches (in most cases it is not what you think).
  2. Learn the most important self-management headache techniques to keep your headaches at bay and leave knowing how to apply them.
  3. Leave with clarity and certainty about how you can be headache free.

Free Headache Assessment Valued at $103

The 3-step expert headache relief session is valued at $103, but for our patients and friends it’s FREE for a brief time only.

If you would like to end your headaches and you know that this session will help, simply call 5438 9111 and book with our admin team. They will take you straight to my diary and help you out.

Looking forward to helping you.

The headache Guru

Stephen Shepherd – Physiotherapist

P.S I can only help a few people with these appointments with my already busy schedule, so please only take a place if you are serious about getting help and getting rid of your headaches.