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End Of Year Physiotherapy Treatment Special

Physio Professionals

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Get $304 Worth Of Value For $101.

Full Assessment & Treatment

1. A comprehensive Assessment and Hands on Treatment to any underlying injury that you may currently be suffering from, or to measure your “injury risk factor” based on detailed physiotherapy tests.

This appointment is for an hour, so we can give a thorough once over.

You will also receive a personalised written plan (if needed) value of $203

Full Digital Postural Screen

2. A digital postural examination to determine whether your posture is prone to injury and find out what to do about it.

A Major contributing factor to Your Muscle & Joint Pain is poor posture. The consequences can be corrected if you measure and identify your risk.

Value of $101

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Available For A Limited Time Only

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For Private Health Patients Simply Swipe Your Card & Just Pay The Gap.

We don’t want our Non-private health patients to miss out. You too can receive all of this for Just $101.

For you to avoid pain, recover from an existing injury or if you are experiencing difficulties already, physiotherapy can play a key role.
To perform at your peak and to get the most from your life, it is critical that your body is performing as best as possible.

Your 1 Hour Head to Toe Appointment is available with Charlie or Reegan, who are part of our postural correction and injury maintenance team at either our Caloundra or Kawana Clinic

  • Hands On Treatment
  • Full Physio Injury Assessment
  • Full Digital Postural Scan & Review
  • Plan To Fix Any Findings

Call 5314 1150 And Claim Your Spot