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Consequences of Poor Posture

Do you have poor posture?



There are many factors that can contribute to having poor posture. It is important to have correct posture as the consequences can severely affect your quality of life. These consequences can include;

Back and Neck Pain
Poor posture can put strain on your neck and back. This can cause discomfort for many desk-workers who tend to hunch over their keyboard

80% of headaches derive from the neck, and poor posture can be a contributing factor. If you are suffering from headaches, consider checking your posture.

Restricted Breathing
Hunching your body forward or sideways can restrict the amount of air going in and out of your lungs, giving you very shallow breaths. Correcting your posture can help optimise your breathing.

Long periods of poor posture can increase your risk of having osteoporosis. This disease can weaken your bones and thus making your body weaker and more vulnerable.


Our experiences physiotherapists can help correct your posture to prevent further issues down the track, and help relieve any discomfort or pain you may be suffering from currently as a result of poor posture.

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