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Effective Physiotherapy For Running Injuries

Have you ever experienced an injury while running that has left you sidelined and longing to get back on track? We understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be when a running injury interrupts your progress and passion. That’s why we wanted to bring your attention to the incredible benefits of physiotherapy for runners just […]

Recovering from Sports Injuries: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete, sports injuries are an unfortunate companion on the journey to peak performance. As we are dedicated to helping patients with their well-being, we are excited to share this comprehensive guide on recovering from sports injuries. Let’s delve into the key principles, effective strategies, and the […]

New Healthy Back Program

Healthy Back Program

Our Healthy Back Program has now been launched. Available in all of our clinics. What to expect from the healthy back program. Sessions are held at Physio Professionals gym and start by teaching the correct technique. The exercises primarily focus on strengthening the muscles of the trunk and hip and increasing the flexibility of both […]