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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) MLD is a light massage used to increase Lymphatic flow, boost the immune system and promote healing and recovery of all kinds. Due to the wide range on benefits Lymphatic Therapy has on the human body and the importance of a well-functioning circulatory system, everybody will benefit from MLD treatment. However, people suffering from illnesses or whom have particular health goals in mind may find this treatment especially suited for them! Who can benefit from Lymphatic Therapy? • Athletes • ... Read more

Massage Deal – Get an Extra 15 Minutes Free

  Massage Upgrade With Melissa Our New Therapist. Get an Extra 15 Minutes Free. Simply let our admin team member know when making your appointment that you would like to have a 60 minute massage with Melissa. You will have your massage instantly upgraded and receive a saving of 20%, another way of looking at it is you get 15 minutes FREE.  You must mention the deal to receive. How To Redeem. Simply mention this email to our admin team when booking and have your massage upgraded from ... Read more

Top Benefits of Massage

  The Top Benefits of Massage   We live in a very hectic and fast paced world these days. Stress from work and family life, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a body that struggles to run optimally.   Massage plays a very important role in helping you maintain your greatest asset in your life – That’s right your health.   More than just feeling relaxed, massage has scientifically researched real world benefits. Here are some of the main benefits from having regular massages.   Lower stress The long-term ... Read more