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Due to the increasing number of people suffering from Back Pain and associated problems Physio Professionals developed a unique program to alleviate Back Pain and identify the causes of the problems and treat the underlying causes.

In recent years, one of the main developments in treating lower back pain has been the understanding that the abdominal muscle group plays an important role in supporting the spine, and that strengthening this region is valuable in all prevention and treatment programmes for lower back pain.

In particular, the transversus muscle has received a great deal of research attention. It is now accepted that the transversus muscle is key to the development of core stability and that learning to use the transversus abdominus muscle correctly to support the spine and maintain good posture is very beneficial.



The Back Rehab Clinic is a structured and easy to follow exercise program specifically designed to help you move with confidence.

Back Rehab Clinic is unlike any other exercise program currently available because it suits all levels of ability and fitness including:

– People with significant back, neck, shoulder and hip pain;

– Post-surgical patients;

– Preparing your body for Pilates or general exercise, no matter what your condition;

– The Industrial Athlete (manual worker) wanting to get back to work;

– Desk workers suffering postural pain and overuse issues;

– Elite athletes looking for that performance edge; and

– Anybody wanting to full fill their physical and mental potential.


Call (07) 5438 9111 for your pre clinic assessment.


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