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Back Pain

Back Pain- Andy Magill Physiotherapist

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions. In fact about 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point throughout their lives.

What causes Back Pain? low-back-pain

The causes of low back pain can be very complex; poor postures, lack of flexibility, general muscular weakness, an increase in working hours (mainly hours sitting), the increasing obesity epidemic in Australia and degenerative conditions such as arthritis all have a negative outcome on your general health and can contribute to back pain. There are many structures in the lower back that can cause pain including:






Most low back pain is uncomplicated and will resolve with some physiotherapy treatment. Usually low back pain can be linked to a general cause, such as muscle strain or a specific and diagnosable condition such as a bulged or prolapsed disc. However, some types of back pain have no known anatomical cause, but the pain is still real and needs to be treated.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain

Before any treatment can commence, the cause of your back pain needs to be diagnosed. Physiotherapists are experts in assessing, diagnosing and treating back pain conditions. Once the condition has been diagnosed a treatment plan can be commenced that will include hands on treatment and a specific exercise and strengthening program.