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Achilles Tendinopathy and Physiotherapy

What is Achilles Tendinopathy?

Achilles tendinopathy is overuse of the Achilles tendon, either at the mid-portion or the lower insertional area.

Symptoms are often worse first thing in the morning and ease with activity. It is often a chronic injury as people classically continue with activity or sport because the pain eases with movement.Achilles-tendinopathy

Why do I have it?

Poor biomechanics (pronating or flat feet put abnormal loading through the Achilles tendon.

Calf weakness

Stiffness at the ankle joints

Footwear with little/no support

Increased loading (increased training frequency or intensity, change of training surface, change of footwear)

How is it treated?

In similarity to plantar fasciitis, it is vital to treat both the cause and symptoms of Achilles tendinopathy.

A physiotherapist will assess your foot biomechanics to determine whether you require additional support in your footwear. Orthotics may be prescribed to prevent abnormal strain on the Achilles tendon.

A period of rest from impact activity (eg. Running) must be taken to allow inflammation to reduce. You may still be able to cycle, swim or work on upper body strengthening during this.

Symptoms are treated using soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, taping and ice therapy. Your physiotherapist will also provide stretching and strengthening exercises for the lower legs.

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