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About Us

Physio Professionals emphasise preventative and functional physiotherapy.

We deliver goal-orientated treatments and health solutions that align with patients’ goals.

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Who we are.

Physio Professionals is an expert team of physiotherapists dedicated to improving patients' quality of life.

Established in 2007, we now have clinics across the Sunshine Coast, located in Caloundra, Birtinya, and Buderim. Our team’s hands-on treatment and active rehabilitation focus help patients achieve their health goals.

Our physiotherapists have an extensive skill set and experience that covers general to complex conditions and injuries.  All team members conduct a minimum of 100 hours in professional development annually to keep us at the forefront of injury prevention, injury management and successful active rehabilitation research and trends to meet your needs.

How we help you.

The Physio Professionals team has helped over 30,000 patients with their health goals.

Your Physio Professionals journey begins with your initial consult, where we will develop a clear understanding of your goals with seeking treatment.  We will then design your treatment plan around your goals, clinical findings and what is needed to achieve your desired outcome. 

Your treatment plan will include the amount of time we think it will take, how many sessions will be required, and the advised frequency of treatment. Working with us and following your treatment plan will give you the best chance to perform the physical activity you miss, from exercise to daily living tasks and hobbies. 

Meet the team at Physio Professionals.

Andrew Crew

General Manager

Andrew Crew is Physio Professionals General Manager. After 9 years of treating clients in-rooms Andrew now manages the day to day running of  Physio Professionals. Outside of work Andrew enjoys competing in Ironman and half ironman triathlons and spending time with his young family.

Michelle Crew


B.App.Sc (Exer & Sports Sc), Masters of Physiotherapy, Level 3 Sports Physio.

Michelle studied at Sydney University and Griffith University (Gold Coast) and completed her level 3 sports physiotherapy course at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra, in 2009.

Michelle is known for her Shoulder rehabilitation, working closely with leading Orthopaedic surgeons on the Sunshine Coast, as well as back rehabilitation. 

Interest Areas: Jaw, shoulders, back, sports injuries and running gait analysis.

Anne-Marie Cavanagh

Titled Sports Physiotherapist

BSc Physiotherapy (hons),

M Sports Physiotherapy, Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist, Olympic Physiotherapist.

Anne-Marie Cavanagh is a highly accomplished sports physiotherapist with significant experience in the world of tennis. Notable highlights include her ten-year role as Head Physiotherapist at the Australian Open and her extensive work with Tennis Australia’s Fed Cup and Davis Cup teams for six years. She has also collaborated with numerous world number 1 players and served as an Australian Team Physiotherapist at the London 2012 Olympics.

Since 2015, Anne-Marie has been providing private physiotherapy services to top international tennis players, including Serena and Venus Williams. Presently, she focuses on nurturing aspiring Australian professional players and guiding developing athletes through private tennis clubs.

With expertise in shoulder and upper limb injuries, as well as adolescent health, Anne-Marie continues to deliver world-class treatment and rehabilitation strategies for her clients. Her contributions to the sport and her commitment to excellence have earned her a prestigious reputation in the field.

Interest Areas: Sports Injuries & Performance,  Shoulder and Upper limb injuries, Cervical ,Thoracic & Lumbar spine

Nathan Lemke


B.App.Sc (Exer & Sports Sc), Masters of Physiotherapy)

Nathan is a dedicated and passionate physiotherapist, completing a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice in 2018 at La Trobe University in Melbourne. A keen sportsman, Nathan played around the world as a professional tennis player scoring wins over Nick Kyrgios and Thansai Kokkinakis.

A career ending shoulder and neck injury curtailed his time on the tennis court and ignited a newfound passion for the world of physiotherapy. Personal experiences have led Nathan to a strong interest in musculoskeletal injuries related to the shoulder, neck, lower back, hip and knee. Nathan is experienced in individually tailored exercise prescription from early-stage rehab to Pilates and functional gym training for athletes.

Always inquisitive, he sees himself as a perpetual student of physiotherapy, continuously learning to enhance his skills and become a better clinician.

Interest Areas: Headaches, Musculoskeletal injuries, post op care, neurological conditions, Spinal pain (neck and lower back)

Angie Alford


B. Physiotherapy

Angie Alford an accomplished physiotherapist whose journey began at the University of Queensland, where they earned a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

With a strong foundation and experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings within public health, Angie honed their skills and developed a deep interest in Women’s health, Rehabilitation, Muscoloskeletal conditions, Orthopaedics, and Post-Op Care.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Angie transitioned to private practice to broaden their expertise and make a lasting impact on women’s health and functional well-being within the community.

Outside of their professional pursuits, Angie finds joy in gym training, pilates, and dancing, embodying the principles of holistic well-being that they impart to their patients.

Angie’s unique blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication continues to elevate the field of physiotherapy, making a positive difference in the lives they touch.

Interest Areas: Women’s health, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics, Musculoskeletal conditions, and Post-Op Care.

Tom Hunt


B.App.Sc (Exer & Sports Sc), Masters of Physiotherapy)

Tom Hunt is a dedicated and highly skilled physiotherapist, renowned for his exceptional patient-centered approach to care.

Born and raised in Hobart, Tom, his journey into the world of physiotherapy began at the University of Tasmania, where he completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science.  Furthering his education at the University of Queensland, where he attained a Master of Physiotherapy.

Since graduating, Tom has been an integral part of a private practice, where he has interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions.

Tom has a profound understanding of the importance of movement and physical well-being in achieving a high quality of life.

Tom’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills enable him to function comfortably within a multidisciplinary team environment, providing a high quality of care.

His approachable nature and ability to build rapport with patients make him a favored choice among those seeking physiotherapy services. 

Interest Areas: Treating  Neck Pain, Shoulders, Knees & Lower Limb, General Musculoskeletal  Spinal & Back Pain, Post Op Care

Lucy Thomas


B.Sc.Physiotherapy (Hons)

Lucy graduated from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2009 and specialised in private musculoskeletal physiotherapy immediately. She has extensive experience in treating a range of injuries including sports, work-related, post-surgery and chronic degenerative conditions. She has been part of the medical team at the London Marathon, international athletics competitions and national university athletics championships. 

Lucy has also worked closely with GPs in the UK, providing musculoskeletal based education and training as part of their professional development programmes. 

Lucy emigrated to Australia in 2015 and has worked with Physio Professionals since. Since having her two daughters she has developed an interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and is passionate about helping women throughout the life span with all pelvic dysfunctions. She has a special interest in Chronic Pelvic Pain conditions.  

Lucy developed an interest in physiotherapy through being an athlete and suffering numerous injuries herself. She has represented England in Athletics and was the British University’s steeplechase champion. These days, Lucy competes in local triathlons and loves the Sunshine Coast outdoor lifestyle. 

Interest Areas: Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Pelvic Pain conditions, Sexual Pain conditions, Pelvic Floor dysfunction and Pre/Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy. 

Georgie Hattingh


B.Sc.Physiotherapy (Hons)

Georgie Hattingh, with two decades of physiotherapy experience across New Zealand, the UK, Africa, and Australia, has developed a comprehensive approach to treatment. She has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from South Africa with her family.  

Georgie believes in viewing the body as a system of interconnected parts to find the root cause of pain and dysfunction. Her methodology is multi-dimensional, combining education, targeted manual therapy interventions, release techniques and rehabilitation to not only alleviate symptoms, but empower patients with knowledge and self-management skills. 

Her treatment arsenal includes a variety of techniques such as 

  • Fascial mobilisation and unwinding
  • Neural mobilisation
  • Manual therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Visceral manipulation (gentle mobilisation of the organs and their attachments) 
  • Watson technique for headache management 
  • Craniosacral therapy (Upledger)
  • Pilates (APPI)
  • Somato emotional release
  • Metaphysical healing
  • Self-correction through the glial interface


This eclectic mix allows for personalized treatment plans that address specific patient needs, enabling effective management of physical pain and disharmony. Through her integrative and patient-centered approach, Georgie Hattingh stands out as a dedicated physiotherapist committed to achieving holistic health outcomes for her patients. 

Interest Areas: Headache & Migraine, Neck, Shoulder, Spine & Pelvis, General musculoskeletal, Visceral Manipulation, Chronic pain, Gut and autoimmune conditions, Trauma, Nerve conditions, TMJ, post abdominal surgery (3+ months) 

Lucie Daňhelovská


B.Sc Physiotherapy

Lucie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University  of Western Bohemia, Pilsen. Graduating in 2016, she gained experience in Physiotherapy in the Czech Republic and Germany working in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

She is a certified Pilates Instructor and Tennis coach and holds training in Kinesiotaping and Postural Stabilization of Spine.

Her extensive expertise spans diverse areas, including treating sports and work-related injuries, guiding post-surgery recovery, and optimizing patient potential.

 Lucie has a competitive tennis background during which she experienced a back and shoulder injury that allowed her to understand the human body on a deep level and, having to undergo physiotherapy sessions herself, she is committed to an excellent rehabilitation and helping patients on their recovery journey.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Lucie finds joy in surfing, tennis, running, calisthenics, dancing and camping. She’s multilingual, proficient in English, native Czech/Slovakian, and intermediate in German.

Interest areas: Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Sports injuries, Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health Physiotherapy,

Joakim Wisting


B. Sc Physiotherapy

Joakim, embarked on his journey in physiotherapy by earning his degree in South Australia.

His career has since taken him across Europe and Australia, where he has honed his skills in both hospital settings and private practices.

Through continuous postgraduate education, Joakim has cultivated a deep expertise in treating conditions related to the shoulder, upper limb, and pelvis.

His passion for physical fitness is evident in his dedication to mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, disciplines in which he actively trains and competes to maintain his fitness.

Specializing in Shoulder and Neck Physiotherapy, Joakim combines his clinical knowledge with his personal athletic experiences to offer comprehensive and empathetic care to his patients

Interest in Shoulder & Headaches &Neck Conditions, Sports Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Kaelyn (Kane) Martin

Remedial Therapist

Kane is an enthusiastic and experienced Remedial Massage therapist who brings a wealth of experience to our team. Kane’s history has had a heavy focus on working alongside some of Australia’s elite athletes in a wide range of sports including swimming, basketball, cycling, ironman races and rugby. Bringing this experience to the table, Kane is driven to help clients achieve pain free movement and get back to doing what they love most.

Outside of work, you won’t find Kane sitting still! Whether it be skateboarding, strength training or hiking with their dog, they are always on the move.

Kane’s energetic and empathetic approach ensures clients receive personalized care and guidance on their journey back to peak performance. Book a session with Kane to experience the difference their expertise and genuine dedication can make.

Kane’s Treatments Include Remedial, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation