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Rotator Cuff Tear -Physio Professionals Caloundra and Kawana

Rotator Cuff Tear What is it? The rotator cuff refers to a group of four small muscles, which run from the shoulder blade to the top of the arm bone. They act to both support and move the shoulder joint. The most commonly injured muscle in the rotator cuff is the supraspinatus muscle. How does it happen? A rotator cuff muscle may be strained when it is forcibly contracted or overstretched. Rotator cuff tears often occur suddenly due to a high force going ... Read more

Tension Headaches – Michelle Crew Physiotherapist Caloundra

Tension Headaches- Michelle Crew Physiotherapist Tension or muscle contraction headaches are often associated from stress and tension with bilateral muscular tightness around the neck and shoulders. Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches that people experience. A disorder of the neck joints or the muscles that connect to the base of your scull (Occiput) may refer pain into your head; this is because the nerves that are in your neck are also connected to your head and face. Women tend to suffer ... Read more

The True Cost of Back Pain

Back Pain A growing public health problem in Australia and developed countries throughout the world is the dramatic rise in low back pain and associated costs on the economy. Low back pain is the most prevalent and costly musculoskeletal condition in Australia,the indirect cost to the economy has been estimated at over $9 billion per year. Recent studies found that more than 65% of participants surveyed indicated that they had suffered from low back pain in the last 6 months. Individuals, their families, ... Read more