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Pelvic Health Problems We Can Help

Women we help come from all walks of life,various ages and stages in life. All have a common goal of getting control back.

What We Treat

  • Stress urinary incontinence (leaking with a cough, sneeze, jog, weight-lift etc)
  • Urge urinary incontinence
  • Prolapse Grade 1-2T
  • Post birth Perineal rauma/ Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS)
  • Rectus Abdominis Diastasis (RAD)
  • Post birth there is a window of 6-8 Weeks where treatment can effectively and significantly lessen a diastasis
  • Overactive bladder including: Detrusor overactivity, Nocturia, Polyuria, Urinary urgency, Daytime frequency
  • General pelvic floor weakness
  • Defecation disorders: Constipation, Faecal incontinence
  • Pregnancy related pelvic pain and low back pain including pubic symphysis pain, sacroiliac joint pain, costovertebral pain


Benefits of Having Treatment

•    Return to non painful sex life
•    Regain Bladder and Bowel control.
•    Reduce pelvic & coccyx pain
•    Cough and sneeze without losing control
•    Regain Your Pelvic Floor after child birth.

How common is Pelvic floor dysfunction?

Urinary incontinence affects up to 37% of Australian women.

Prolapse affects approximately 50% of all women who have had a child (some women don’t experience symptoms- others are severely disabled).


 We have a specific Treatment Pathway to help you.

Physio Professionals female physiotherapists REBECCA HORROCKS, & MICHELLE CREW  have special training, skills and experience managing women’s health patients.

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Get correctly Diagnosed, start the retraining process and get control back.

Rebecca Horrocks Physiotherapist Rebecca Horrocks Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Health Science – Physiotherapy (Hons)

Rebecca graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010 with Honors.  Rebecca is passionate about physiotherapy as a profession and enjoys treating patients of all walks and taking them through a rehabilitation path to better health. Rebecca is particularly interested in using exercise and Pilates to help reduce pain and improve outcomes for people with any injury history, in particular osteoarthritis, low back pain and pre and post pregnancy / Women’s Health.  Rebecca also enjoys coaching Gymnastics outside of work.

Rebecca’s interests areas include Pilates, Womens Health (Pre & Post Pregnancy),General Physiotherapy and Injury prevention for Gymnasts and Dancers.

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Michelle Crew – PhysiotherapistMichelle Crew - Physiotherapist

B.App.Sc (Exer & Sports Sc), Masters of Physiotherapy, Level 3 Sports Physio

Michelle Crew (nee Peauril) is owner of Physio Professionals Caloundra and Kawana and is an experienced physiotherapist that also holds an Exercise Science degree and is a level 3 Sports Physiotherapist. Michelle studied both at Sydney University and Griffith University (Gold Coast) and completed her level 3 sports physiotherpy course at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra in 2009.

Michelle is known for her Shoulder rehabilitation, working closly with leading Orthopeadic surgeons on the Sunshine Coast, as well as Back rehabilitaion. Michelle is a highly skilled physiotherpist in regards to sports performance and sports injury rehabilitation.

Michelle specialises in the Shoulder, Back, Sporting Injuries and Running Gait Analysis.

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